Header image for Undivided campaign website design by Hannah Cackett Design

Undivided Campaign – Youth Demands for a Better Brexit

I’m proud to have been a part of the undivided campaign from the very first hackathon at Livity’s office. Where a group of young people came together in the wake of the EU Referendum to create a campaign to get the best deal possible for young people. 

At the hackathon we collaborated to create a Name, Voice and visual identity for the campaign, and worked on wireframes for the campaign website. 

Style & Branding

Initial mockup design for the website homepage and website style guide that I put together in a day working at the Livity office alongside their in house designer.

Concept to Completion

This was then sent over to the developers at Pixeled Eggs who would be building the website. Working from their office with their guidance on the development side of things, I went on to create a full set of initial mockups for the website. I then had around a week to finalise the design through communication with the campaign team using slack management tool. Before handing over final photoshop files to the developers.

The problem to be solved…

The main focus was on making it as simple as possible for young people to express their views on Brexit, so the campaign team would have a large and fully representative view on what they wanted based on the data collected through the website.

To achieve this I designed a 3 stage website form…..

Stage 1

General information and the option to write as much or as little as they like in their own words.

Stage 2

A chance to agree with some of the popular views already submitted.

Stage 3

A thank you page with an option to share the campaign on social media and encourage more young people to get involved.

The Outcome

The campaign featured across multiple national news networks and the amount of young people submitting their views through the website reached over 10,000 within a few months.