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Following the EU referendum, it is easy for young people to feel overwhelmed by the division and uncertainty generated by Brexit and lose focus of the most important issue moving forward: the negotiations. It is young people who will be most affected by the decision to leave the EU and we cannot let our future be decided for us. To make sure our voices are heard, we have launched a nationwide campaign to listen to the demands of all young people, regardless of background, experience or political opinion. This is a platform for all young people to submit their Brexit demands. We will then take the top ten to the negotiating table. We will stop at nothing to get a good deal for young people. We will succeed if we are Undivided.

Good-eye Photo Reportage - web Design

Undivided Campaign Website

Sep 2016    web design

As part of the hackathon I worked with a group of young people on user experience and wireframes for the website, I then went on to turn these initial wireframes into final psd designs to be developed by Pixeled eggs.

Good-eye Photo Reportage - web Design

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Oct 2016    branding

Livity - Video Booth Design - final design

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