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Logo Design for Charity Campaign

What is the campaign?
The campaign looks to change peoples’s minds about homeless people. It gets us to think about our friends and how we’d react if we thought they were going to become homeless. The idea is, if your friend was going to become homeless, you would do anything you could to stop them, surely? Often, homeless people need friends to look out for them, offer them advise etc etc. The campaign hopes to change people’s perception of the homeless. 

How you can help?
If you’re going to buy yourself a cup of tea, coffee or lunch from starbucks or costa, then why not get one for a homeless person as well. If you can’t afford to get two coffees that day, then why not have your coffee at home and get it for the homeless person instead. Good deeds do really go a long way.

Final Design

Design Development

Logo Design for Florist