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We Built This City


Went to check out another shop stocking some great independent brands a few week back, this time getting away from the fashion & jewellery brands I’ve been featuring and coming across some lovely gifts and souvenirs.

We Built This City

46 Carnaby Street, London


Have to say I very much agree with what they say on their website.

“With London now the most visited city on the planet – and being home to one of the most creative communities in the world – we thought it was high time that souvenirs reflected the true creativity of this city and supported our homegrown talent at the same time.”

I come across so many brilliant brands when I’m out visiting places to feature or spending my time on twitter & instagram and yet so many souvenir shops are still full with the same old rubbish they have been selling for decades.






There were so many things to choose from when I was deciding what to feature but here’s just a few of the brands I’ve decided to go with. I love these artistic prints by Oscar Francis featuring the repetitive geometry of buildings, and the hand drawn illustration style of Sarah Tanat Jones really stood out.

IMG_0346Oscar Francis – Prints & Textiles   [Website]     [Facebook]     [Instagram]


IMG_0357Sarah Tanat Jones – Illustrator    [Website]     [Facebook]     [Instagram]


IMG_0349I didn’t get any info on any of the brands featured in this photo (clearly still amateur at this blogging thing) but if you happen to know anything about the lovely person/people who make any of these please do let me know in the comments.


There are also loads of great books and stationary that I recommend you go check out.

IMG_0361Makers of East London – Charlotte Schreiber and Katie Treggiden     [Amazon]


As it’s what I do and I’m a bit obsessed, of course the design of the shop stood out to me as much as the lovely things that were on sale. I’m in love with the stair and shopfront graphic artwork by The City Works

w_b_t_c stair-graphicsThe City Works – Illustrators    [Website]     [Facebook]     [Instagram]



There are so many more amazing brands on sale in the shop and there’s always loads of events and stuff going on that you can find out about on their website. If you are a lover or souvenirs, love creative independent brands or just find yourself with a bit of time to kill in London I recommend you go check this place out.


Crafty Fox Market


I finally got round to going to a Crafty Fox Market last week at The Geffrye Museum in Hoxton. I heard about them on twitter and have been meaning to get to one for ages, I’m glad I finally got around to it and I wasn’t disappointed. There were lots of things to see from some super talented designer/makers who were selling at the event, these are some of the stalls that stood out to me.

When I walked in to the market one of the first things my eyes were drawn to were these lovely geometric necklaces by one we made earlier.

IMG_0508One We Made Earlier – Contemporary Accessories.    [Shop online]     [Facebook]     [Twitter]


This fun looking display and the colourful plant pots by This Way To The Circus also jumped out at me, there were some other plant and flower items I really loved as well.

IMG_0518This Way To The Circus – Homewares and Jewellery   [Shop Online]     [Facebook]

IMG_0514Conical – Sculptural Botanical Foliage    [Shop]    [Instagram]

IMG_0532Anna Wiscombe – Wooden Decorations & Jewellery    [Shop Online]     [Facebook]     [Twitter]


But for me the stand out was probably these things made from old bike parts by Joe of Bespoke Spokes. As someone who loves reusing things in different ways and finding new uses for old items in my design work, they really caught my attention.


IMG_0526Bespoke Spokes – Things made from old bike parts.    [Shop Online]     [Facebook]     [Twitter]


It was good to meet and chat to Penny of Little Nomad selling this gorgeous handmade jewellery inspired by her travels. There was lots of really nice jewellery on sale on the night but I think I’d have to say these pieces as my favourite.

IMG_0524Little Nomad London – Handmade Jewellery    [Shop Online]     [Twitter]     [Instagram]


This is a selection of some of the other unique jewellery on sale at the market, I love these ceramic pieces by Made By Me Me Me.

IMG_0520Made By Me Me Me – Ceramic Jewellery   [Shop Online]    [Facebook]    [Instagram]

IMG_0540Josie Wood Makes – Jewellery    [Website]    [Facebook]     [Instagram]

IMG_0542Chalk – Handmade Contemporary Jewellery    [Shop Online]    [Twitter]    [Instagram]


If I hadn’t already finished by the time I visited I could definitely have done most of my christmas shopping while I was there and I will definitely be checking out another Crafty Fox Market at some point.


The Permanent Popup


Just checked out another independent retail space in London.

The Permanent Popup

33 Smiths Court,  Soho,  London

permenent popup“an independent concept store which houses the most unique and innovate labels. Accommodating an exciting selection from all breadths of fashion, we offer customers the opportunity to shop for the best independent labels. We provide you with an incredibly diverse selection all under one roof.”





Here are some of the brands currently on sale at The Permanent Popup.

IMG_0498Lewa Jewel – Handmade Jewellery      [Shop Online]      [Instagram]


IMG_0488Chapter 9 London – Clothes and Accessories     [Shop Online]


IMG_0486Flora Garments –  Garments from around the world      [Shop Online]      [Facebook]

Trunk Collection – Jewellery & Accessories   [Shop Online]      [Instagram]


Petit Miracle Hub


Finally got round to going to the first place on my list of independent retail spaces to visit in London.

Petit Miracle Hub

First Floor – West12 Shopping Centre, Shepherd’s Bush

“a centre for entrepreneurship and hosting local businesses in our new, inspiring and creative retail space within West 12 Shopping centre – each entrepreneur has their own space to showcase and sell their products, as well as, shared meeting space and business support from experts to help businesses grow successfully.”

[Window Illustrations by Artist Veronica Rowlands]



Below are some of the members who are currently selling their products at the hub.

KC Loves – Hand Craft Jewellery     [Facebook]     [Shop online]


Veronica Rowlands – Artist    [WordPress Website]     [Shop online]


Burnish & Black – Contemporary Jewellery    [Website]


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