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Clime-it Brothers Pop Up #Camden Create


Post from my other Blog from May this year when I first decided to go freelance…….

Clime-it Brothers Pop Up #Camden Create


I’ve spent the last few weeks working on a window display project as part of the Camden Create Festival. When I got assigned a shop I couldn’t get in contact with and the other designer I was supposed to be working with pulled out I thought it was going to be more trouble than it was worth. But I stuck with it and it turned out better than I expected to start with.

I ended up working on the window display for the Camden Collective Pop Up Shop at 69 Camden High Street and meeting and working with Clime-it Brothers a Socially Driven Clothing Brand working with young people and raising awareness of Climate Change []


I met them 2 weeks before the Pop Up Shop opened and spent some time finding out about their Brand and their plans for the space. Their passion and enthusiasm for what they do was obvious and I was excited to work with them.

[Visual of Final Design Based on climate change and rising water levels]


[Photos of Interior of Pop Up Shop]


[Photos of Window Display from inside]


[Photos of Window Display]

It’s the first Project I’ve worked on since deciding to start out as a Freelance Event & Branding Designer and it was really good experience being involved in all the work that goes in to setting up a Pop Up shop. It was great meeting everyone involved, and hopefully I’ll get to work with them again at some point.

Clime-It Brothers can be found reusing some of the display stuff I made and selling their clothes at Camden Collective 159 Camden High Street and I definitely recommend checking them out.


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