Header image for PoshLots website design by Hannah Cackett Design

PoshLots – Private Members Community

PoshLots is the plan to turn some unused land at Jobbers Wood, Much Hadham into an exclusive community of private allotments. To provide benefit to the local community and create a place where families can make the most of the beautiful woodland in the area.


I was approached by my Boss from my full time interior design job to design a website for his new business venture. As the idea for PoshLots was in the very early stages I was involved a lot in the research, idea generation, and content creation

  • Branding Design
  • Website Design
  • WordPress theme development
  • User experience design
  • Social media design and management
  • Content creation

When I was approached to work on PoshLots I was given the Logo designs and two brand colours as shown in the image above, that had been created by a previous designer. I was tasked with taking this and developing the PoshLots brand

Single Page Website

I designed and built a single page website the aim of which was to gain interest and encourage user signup.

Brand Guidelines

A5 Flyer Design

I designed an A5 flyer which was dropped through people’s doors, and left at garden centres and relevant locations in the local area. To let people know about the plan for PoshLots and encourage them to view the website and register their interest through the sign up form.

Banner Designs for the Essex Festival of Food & Drink

Brochure Design

The brochure was designed to give people who registered their interest more information about PoshLots. As well as selling the benefits of renting an allotment on a site like PoshLots, and sharing the vision that the team were aiming to fulfil.

As well as being the designer, I was also involved a lot in creating the content, writing the copy, and doing the research into the business idea.